Private households by conventional dwelling characteristics and goods and services : Private households in a conventional dwelling by tenure status of the household

Type of territoryall items
Type of private householdprivate households
Age class of reference person of the householdtotal
Number of private households living in a conventional dwellingtotal
Number of members in the householdtotal
Number of rooms
Single or shared occupancyall items
Type of ownershipall items
Goods and servicesall items
Members of the household with mobile cellular telephoneall items
Census year2011
Data typenumber of private households in a conventional dwelling (absolute values)
Tenure status of the householdownershiprentother form of tenure different from ownership, rentall items
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Hide subtree/Nascondere sotto-albero Nord-est3 596 428879 926384 4244 860 778
Hide subtree/Nascondere sotto-albero Friuli-Venezia Giulia420 31189 64536 004545 960
Udine186 29734 36016 639237 296
Gorizia50 37110 0163 99964 386
Hide subtree/Nascondere sotto-albero Trieste83 08225 3566 824115 262
Trieste71 79823 9995 722101 519
Pordenone100 56119 9138 542129 016
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